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Additional modules

PDF Reporting using your Android device
PDF Reporting

With the additional module "PDF Reporting" you can generate PDF reports in your Xpert-Timer Mobile App. If you are using Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise additionally, you can send the PDF report to your main database in your office. In Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise, those PDF Reports will be visible in the document management. Of course you can also create the PDF report and share it through email or for example dropbox.

Signature module for Xpert-Timer Mobile
Signature module

Use the signature module of the time tracker to sign your PDF reports directly on your display of your Android device. Track your time, create the report, save it as a PDF and have your client sign the document directly on your screen. This way you'll avoid discussions in regards to your invoice.

Caller ID for Xpert-Timer Mobile
Call detection

Assign phone numbers to your clients and also assign a call detection project for those clients. If you dial the number or your client calls you, Xpert-Timer will recognize the phone number and start the assigned project. As soon as you hang up the project will be stopped and the previous used project will start running again. This way you can track the minutes for your phone calls easily.

Photo upload module for Xpert-Timer Mobile
Photo Upload

Use the photo upload in connection with Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise. The pictures you take are connected to a project. Once you synchronize your data with the main database of Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise, you can view the project related photos on your Windows system.

NFC scanner module for Xpert-Timer Mobile
NFC Scanner (Near field communication)

Use the NFC scanner module to scan tags or chips in order to start timing a project or task.