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If you want to use Xpert-Timer outside your office as well, without any connection to the main database, you can save all your data in your local Access or SQLite database on a Windows laptop and synchronize it with the main database later or save all your data on a mobile Android Device using our App "Xpert-Timer Mobile". In order to synchronize, you need to establish a connection to the main database. This can either be a VPN connection, a direct WLAN or LAN connection to your main database on the company server. Another option is to synchronize the data through the internet. In order to do that, you need XTSyncserver as an interface between your device and the main database. This XTSyncServer is always necessary if you are trying to synchronize data from your mobile Android device to the main Xpert-Timer database.

Please find further details on how to setup the system in our manual.

Please purchase all necessary products on the Xpert-Timer for Windows website.

This is an example setup of the synchronization: