Privacy Policy

January 14, 2017
Xpert-Timer collects and saves no personal data.
The data is not shared or uploaded unless the user explicitly chooses to.
The app requires the following permissions:

  • Reading external storage:
  • Reading the external storage is exclusively used for backup or import files that were previously selected by the user. The information contained in this files won't be shared with anyone.

  • Writing external storage:
  • This permission is used to export the collected data about the working time to the external storage and to create backup files.
    After approval by the user, Xpert-Timer allso allows the up- and download of backup files to and from the user’s Dropbox account. Note that these backups are unencrypted and therefore potentially readable to the cloud provider.

  • Read contacts:
  • This permission is used when you want to import your contact list into the clientlist of the app

  • Read phone state / Process outgoing calls:
  • This permission is used to automatically start a project when you get a call from a client

  • Internet:
  • This permission is used when you use the synchronization with the desktop version of Xpert-Timer on a PC.

  • NFC:
  • This permission is used to start/stop projects by using NFC sticker in order for you to automate your time tracking

  • Access location:
  • This permission is used to save the current location tot he current timestamp, in order for you to know where you have been at that moment.