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Main dialog Xpert-Timer Mobile

Main dialog

This is the main dialog of Xpert-Timer Mobile. Here you can create new clients and projects and start or stop a project. If you long click on the "Pause" button, a list of previously used projects opens. This makes it easy to switch between projects.
If you created projects and included them in your favorite list, you can open the favorites by long clicking the "Play" button.

Main menu Xpert-Timer Mobile

Main dialog - menu

Use the menu in the main dialog to start synchronizing with your Xpert-Timer Windows version, create a backup, buy additional moduls or change the general settings of Xpert-Timer Mobile.

Select previous project

Recent projects

Long click the "Pause" Button and a list of previously used projects will open. This allows a quick change of projects.

Create new project

Create a new project

In this dialog you can create a new project and configure it. Decide here if the project is billable or if you want to add it to your favorite list. Of course there are many more settings for each project. Have a look!

project settings

Project Settings

The project settings give you an overview of the configuration of your project. Here you can easily double-check the settings. You can open this dialog by long-clicking the project name in the main dialog of Xpert-Timer Mobile.

Timestamp report


In order to double-check all created timestamps of the day and view the occurred costs/revenue, click on the "Report" Button in the upper right corner in the main dialog. 

Reports in Xpert-Timer Mobile

Timestamp list

You can create a timestamp report with a certain date range. Additionally you can view the timestamps with a GPS location on a map or use multiple filters. You find all options in the menu of the timestamp list.

Working hours in Xpert-Timer


An export of the check-in/check-out report gives you an exact overview of your working hours.

Report filter settings

Timestamps filter options

You can filter your data to create individual reports. For example, you can filter only for billable projects and create a report with only that information.

Check-in check-out

Check-in check-out

Get an overview of your worked hours with this report.