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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1) I want to test Xpert-Timer Mobile and Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise and the synchronization with XTSyncServer. How can I do that?

Please send an e-mail asking for a trial license to The tial license file includes: 1 * Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise (please specify the number of users), 1 * XTSyncServer and a synchronization module. The trial period is 30 days. The mobile app, Xpert-Timer Mobile is available on Google Play.

2) Is it absolutely necessary to synchronize over the Internet? I don't want to open any ports on the router.

If you are in the local network, you can also synchronize via the local network using the XTSyncServer. This does not require the opening of ports for external access.

3) When will an iPhone App be available?

Unfortunately we don't know when and if an iPhone App will be available. Other platforms are not planned either.

4) We want to use the synchronization in a multi-user environment.

No problem. You can have multiple users tracking their time on an Android device and have them synchronize with the main database (MySQL or MS-SQL).

5) Why does Xpert-Timer Mobiile require access to the contacts?

The privilege is needed so you can import your existing contacts from the address book to the Xpert-Timer Mobile client list.

6) How do I copy the data of the trial version into the full version?

Make sure you create a backup of your trial version data on your SD card, using the backup function in Xpert-Timer Trial. Then, when you've purchased the full version of Xpert-Timer, restore the backup in the full version.

7) I've purchased the Xpert-Timer App on Google Play and now need to move to a new mobile device. What do I need to do?

Make sure you create a backup of data on your SD card on the old phone, using the backup function in Xpert-Timer. Then download the App again from Google Play on your new phone. The purchase of the App is linked to your Google Account, so Google should recognize, that you've purchased the app before. If it doesn't you need to contact Google as we have no access to their licensing system. Anyways, after downloading the App on the new phone, make sure you save the backup file of the old phone (xperttimer.db) on the SD card in the folder xperttimer of the new phone. Now open the Backup Dialog in Xpert-Timer on the new phone and restore the backup. Please read the "Backup chapter" in the manual for the mobile App (


Get a quick overview of Xpert-Timer Mobile on YouTube: (Please note, that this is an old version of Xpert-Timer Mobile!)